Electronic Design

February 28, 2008


Engineering Feature · Joe Desposito
High-Def Video Brings Telepresence Into Focus

H.264 codecs implemented in ICs and DSPs turn high-end video conferencing over IP networks into reality.

Technology Report · William Wong
The Multicore Era Seeks A Parallel Paradigm

Scalability, simpler debugging, and easier coding are essential to developing a successful parallel-programming approach.

Engineering Essentials · Louis E. Frenzel
Make Your Next Design As Solid As A Rock

Crystal oscillators sustain the heartbeat for virtually all electronic products.


Lab Bench · William Wong
If Your Programming Language Doesn't Work, Give Scala A Try

Design Solution · Prashanth Holenarsipur
Zero-Drift IA Takes The Strain Out Of Sensor Measurements

Ideas For Design · Robert F. Coughlin and Robert S. Villanucci
Interfacing Linear Sensors To An ADC Requires Only Basic Math

Ideas For Design · Hua (Walker) Bai
Use "Extra" LED Driver Channel To Provide Constant-Voltage Source

EEPN In Electronic Design · Mat Dirjish
OLEDs Get Ready To Break Size Barriers

EEPN In Electronic Design · Ken Peterson
Get The Right Power Supply To Tackle Peaks And Valleys


Leapfrog · Don Tuite
Dueling 12-Bit ADCs Make Their Debut

Leapfrog · William Wong
Old Ideas In New Design = Lower Power, Higher Performance


Editorial · Joe Desposito
From Basic Basement Webcams To High-Tech Telepresence Suites

Analog/Mixed-Signal Design · Dave Van Ess
Squeeze 10-Bit Performance From An 8-Bit DAC

Pease Porridge · Bob Pease
Bob's Mailbox

TAGS: Digital ICs
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