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FEC Technology Addresses Mobile Multimedia

Recently standardized for mobile multimedia streaming and file delivery over cellular and broadcast wireless networks, the DF Raptor R10 FEC advanced coding technology enables the creation of wired or wireless communications systems that reportedly deliver content with greater reliability and efficiency than previously possible. Available as object-code software libraries supporting sender and receiver functions for a variety of consumer, commercial, or military applications, the technology is a packet-level erasure-correcting fountain code that provides fundamental packet loss protection without requiring retransmission. It recovers data packets that have been lost in transmission for any reason, including packet loss due to wireless interference, network congestion, excessive bit corruption, or sporadic receiver availability. The DF Raptor R10 FEC encoder/decoder libraries support one or more specific platforms and each provides an ANSI C programming language interface with an API. Licensing options include a development license that allows engineering, prototyping, testing and trials and an OEM License that allows commercial distribution of products integrating the company's technology and/or software. DIGITAL FOUNTAIN, Fremont, CA. (510) 284-1400


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