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Filter Design Software Delivers Digital Signal Conditioning Solutions

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Version 4.0 of FilterExpress has added a companion simulator called FilterSim. Together, these Windows-based tools provide electronic and communications systems designers with a rapid means of developing and evaluating DSP-based filters of almost any kind, including processor efficient multi-rate designs. With FilterExpress, the company says designers can create most common filter configurations in minutes. Designs may then be simulated with FilterSim using built-in signal generator facilities or a user's own test data.
The numeric precision of the tools is user programmable so that filter designs can be optimized for the target DSP hardware. A filter's coefficients may be saved in ASCII format for import into the user's DSP development software. The latest release of FilterExpress adds support for more filter types. The tool supports both single- and multi-rate designs including mixed FIR/IIR multi-rate filters. FilterSim is designed to work from FilterExpress data and enables the time domain simulation of networks of digital filters. Both software products can be downloaded for free from the company's web site.

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