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Fingerprint Platform Extends Reach

The company's Fingerprint Authentication Development Tool (FADT) has added three new fingerprint sensors. These sensors, which reside on daughter cards, include the Atmel FingerChip, the Authentec FingerLoc AFS8600 and the Fingerprint Cards FPC1031. The FingerChip utilizes a thermal sensing fingerprint technology with active measuring area of 0.4 mm x 14 mm and 500 dpi resolution. The AFS8600 is a low-power, small form factor touch fingerprint sensor that utilizes FingerLoc's TruePrint technology and features an active measuring area of 9.75 mm x 9.75 mm and an image resolution of 250 dpi. The FPC1031 is a capacitive swipe sensor with and active measuring area of 2.24 mm x 10.64 mm and a 363 dpi resolution. The platform is supported by the company's TMS320C55x and TMS320C67x DSPs. The FADT kit is backed by pattern-matching-based verification software from Bioscrypt and distinct area detection software from Fingerprint Cards. All FADT kits are priced at $245 each and include a sensor specific daughtercard, evaluation fingerprint software, image capture drivers and documentation. DSP starter kits for the C55x and C67x DSPs are priced at $395. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (972) 644-5580.


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