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Fire Your Security Guards! Use Smart Real-Time Vision Sensors Instead

Well, maybe your security guards are safe for now. But thanks to the latest innovation from CSEM Microelectronics—a real-time miniature vision sensor that adapts to varying light conditions to provide automated responses—they won't get in trouble napping on the job.

You may ask how this is possible. The system, called ViSe, enables real-time broadband monitoring of visual images under any light conditions. It lets OEMs engineer image analysis and response systems targeting the automotive security, home security and automation, robotics, and industrial markets.

The ViSe platform doesn't require constant supervision and interpretation. Instead, it enables very accurate instant computer-driven analysis and response based on collected imagery.

We've all entered tunnels or underground parking where we can't see for a few seconds as our eyes adjust to the darker conditions. Most vision sensing systems are susceptible to rapid changes in light too. The ViSe system's contrast extraction approach eliminates sensitivity to these types of changes.

When it comes to automatically differentiating between humans and animals, determining automobile seat occupancy, detecting when your automobile has changed lanes, and motion sensing and movement tracking for intruder alerts, CSEM has your back thanks to its application-specific algorithms.

The ViSe system accomplishes all this using a camera with an integrated vision sensor and a DSP chip that runs these algorithms (see the figure). The vision sensor chip pre-processes the images by extracting key image features, including contrast strength and orientation, prior to shipping data off to the DSP for processing. This makes the real-time processing possible and drastically reduces the amount of data needed to be processed by the DSP.

Priced at $4500, the ViSe evaluation kit includes a vision sensor coupled to a DSP with an Ethernet connection. It has been designed to accommodate most host systems.

CSEM Microelectronics

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