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First Blackfin DSPs Set To Make Big Splash In Many Markets

Targeted at telecomm and Internet appliance applications, the ADSP-21535 Blackfin DSP is based on the Micro Signal Architecture, jointly developed by Intel and Analog Devices and designed to combine high-performance, 16-bit dual MAC signal processing with the ease-of-use of general-purpose microcontrollers. The 300-MHz Blackfin can perform a whopping 600 million multiply accumulate operations per second (MMACS). It packs a real-time clock and PLL capable of 1x to 31x frequency multiplication and Dynamic Power Management to opti- mize system performance and power dissipation. The DSP also features 4 GB of unified address space with 48 KB of memory configurable as SRAM or cache, an MMU providing memory protection, event controller, watchdog timer, and more. The 260-lead PBGA costs $34 each/10,000. A 200-MHz ADSP-21535 costing $27 and a lower priced ($9.95) 300-MHz ADSP-21532 Blackfin housed in a 160-lead MBGA and integrating 640 Kb of SRAM and voltage regulation circuitry are also available. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Norwood, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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