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Flash-Based DSPs Simplify Real-Time System Designs

Claimed as the first digital signal processor to integrate high-performance analog, DSP and flash memory on a single 28-pin chip, DashDSP eases digital control and flash memory design while eliminating the complexity of precision analog interfacing. The chip makes it simple to use advanced real-time, motor control techniques in consumer applications, office and factory automation, and in the automotive industry. Using flash memory with the DSP helps simplify software development and provides in-circuit programmability for reprogramming in the field via software upgrades. The DashDSP for motor control is the first in a series of DSP devices designed for sensor or sensorless control of multi-phase motors found in products ranging from washing machines to industrial motors drives, fans and pumps. Pricing for the ADMCF326 ac induction motor and ADMCF328 brushless dc motor DSPs is $10.00 each/25,000.


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