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Four-Axis Servo/Stepper Control Card Enlists DSP Muscle

The 4-axis PCI-8174 stepper and servo motion-control card employs a DSP teaming with a motion ASIC, a combo that promises easy implementation of time-critical motion sequences. It can operate as a standalone controller, executing all processes in the hardware layer, and can simultaneously execute a sequence via the motion ASIC without taxing the CPU. Features include pulse-output rates up to 6.55 MHz, software security protection, a card index switch for multiple card deployment, serial connectivity for multiple axes among multiple cards, and on-the-fly speed and position change while the axis is in motion. Additionally, multi-axis operation allows linear interpolation using up to four axes and circular interpolation using any two axes. Other features include continuous contouring, output-backlash-correction pulses, and 13 home moving modes. Single-unit price starts at $1,190. ADLINK TECHNOLOGY AMERICA INC., Irvine, CA (866) 423-5465.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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