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FPGA Physical Synthesis Tool Expands Its Reach

Now optimized for Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs, Release 9.0 of Synplicity’s Synplify Premier physical synthesis tool adds support for Altera Stratix-III, Stratix-II, and Stratix-II GX FPGAs through the company’s Synplify Premier Beta Program.

Thanks to its graph-based physical synthesis technology, Synplify Premier 9.0 can help designers avoid the wait for long place-and-route runs to end before they have detailed timing information. Once the designer is satisfied with the results, placement from the Synplify Premier software is passed to place and route to ensure deterministic results and speedier timing closure. Synplify Premier 9.0 also provides several algorithmic QoR enhancements and productivity boosting features such as a new user interface, additional SystemVerilog constructs, and a new module generation capability.

The Synplify Premier Platform offers a range of features including RTL analysis, source-level debug, HDL analysis, advanced floorplanning, physical analysis, module generators, and optimizations for DSP design. The Synplify Premier solution is also a platform for implementation and debug of ASIC and SoC prototypes using a single FPGA.

There are other new features that enhance productivity. For example, the tool’s SynCore IP generator now supports FIFOs in addition to RAMs. Designers supply parameters to indicate the size and type of RAM or FIFO and the IP generator wizard automatically creates technology independent RTL ready for synthesis into an FPGA. These features allow designers to avoid handwriting RTL or using technology-dependent memory instantiations for these functions.

Synplicity’s graph-based physical synthesis performs final detailed placement of logic during optimization. Actual testing on customer designs has shown that graph-based physical synthesis provides timing correlation within 10% of final post-route timing on over 90% of designs resulting in fewer design iterations, less time to completion, and logical and physical optimizations on the actual critical paths of the design.

Synplify Premier 9.0 is now available. Pricing for the design environment starts at $54,000. Synplify Premier software users on active maintenance will receive the 9.0 release at no extra cost.


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