Electronic Design

Framework Speeds DSP Development

DSP development has gotten easier with Texas Instruments' new framework-based design system. Part of the Code Composer Studio, it's compatible with TI's eXpressDSP architecture.

Two frameworks are available. The Compact framework is designed for limited footprint applications. The Flexible framework targets higher-performance platforms, like the TMS320-C6000, where multichannel and multi-algorithm solutions abound. An even higher-performance Extensive framework has been an-nounced.

Developers start by selecting a framework with its set of services and one or more eXpressDSP-compatible algorithms. The entire package runs atop the DSP/BIOS and drivers, with a developer adding application-specific code. Algorithms can come with diagnostic plug-ins that work with Code Composer.

The free frameworks can be downloaded from Texas Instruments' Web site.

Texas Instruments Inc., www.ti.com; (800) 336-5236.

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