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Fully Differential Op Amps Simplify Designs Using High-Speed ADCs

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Designers can replace three operational amplifiers with one fully differential device from the company's THS41xx family and eliminate the need for precisely matched resistors. This new family of fully differential op amps simplifies how designers optimize the performance of high-speed, a/d converters which are frequently used in DSP applications such as communications receivers, instrumentation and imaging systems.
The balanced, fully differential outputs of the devices effectively block most of the common-mode noise and give the devices low total harmonic distortion.The initial devices in the family, the THS4141 and THS4131, are high-performance op amps that have a top bandwidth of 160 MHz and slew rates of 450V per second and 150 MHz with 51V per second, respectively. Pricing in lots of 1,000 starts at $3.25 each for THS4140 and THS4141.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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