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HD Audio SoC Enhances Smartphone Voice Calls

wolfson-ADesigned by Wolfson Microelectronics, the WM5102 HD audio SoC with voice processor DSP aids portable audio device manufacturers in delivering clearer, more natural sounding voice calls. Featuring integrated transmit path noise reduction, echo cancellation and receive path noise reduction, the SoC enables natural sounding conversation and reduces background noise transmitted via voice calls by up to 90%, regardless of whether the caller is in a busy train station or a quiet home. SLIMbus and I2S interfaces enable OEMs to extend their audio signature across all product platforms. The WM5102 provides 102 dB signal-to-noise ratio and packs 50 MIPS of processing power. It is also up to 20% smaller than competitor parts with up to 17 fewer components. The digital core provides a combination of fixed-function signal processing blocks with a programmable DSP, including filters, fully parametric equalizers, dynamic range control and sample rate converters. The WM5102 is available now for sampling in a W-CSP package and is priced at $4.64 each/5,000.



TAGS: Digital ICs
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