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High-Density, Low-Power-Dissipation Product Suite Sets Sights On Entire VoIP Gateway Mart

The rate of convergence of the voice and data markets is expected to be given a major boost with the introduction of a new VoIP gateway product suite that is said to provide the best power, area per channel, cost and feature-set advantages available to OEMs. Developed to help OEMs build toll-quality voice and fax over packet networks (IP and ATM) more efficiently and that cost less and dissipate less power, the new product suite integratesTelogy Software products with the new programmable DSP-based TNETV series of communications processors—the software products are said to be the de facto standard for voice and fax over IP.
The complete, hardware/software VoIP gateway suite embraces programmable, low-power TMS320C54x and TMS320C55x DSP engines, RISC processors, internal memory, hardware acceleration, and system interfaces using proven library components. The suite is said to be the first to offer architectures optimized for all three key segments of the VoIP gateway market: customer premise equipment (CPE), small and medium enterprise equipment (SME), and ultra-high-density carrier-class applications.
The first three TNETV carrier-class products scheduled to debut are: the 216-channel, TNETV3010-based gateway product having a 3rd quarter launch date; the 672-channel, TNETV3020-based package due out the end of '01; and an OC-3, 2,016 channels-on-a-chip device having a 2002 sampling date. Currently, the company's highest density VoIP gateway solution is based on a 48-channel TMS320C5441 DSP and Telogy software. It comes in a compact, 12 mm x 12 mm package that consumes less than 11 mW/channel and has a starting price of $2.89 per channel/100,000.
The SME and CPE single-chip gateways are expected to be launched during the second and third quarters, respectively, with prices pegged at $2.44 - $2.86 and $4.26 per channel/100,000, respectively.

Company: TELOGY NETWORKS - A Texas Instruments Company

Product URL: Click here for more information

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