Electronic Design

High-End CPUs: 64-Bit IP Provides Embedded Solutions

The MIPS64 architecture is a popular embedded 64-bit architecture, but it’s not the only one. A number are available, including 64-bit architectures that can be licensed.

The SH-5 from SuperH is a typical embedded solution. It can be configured with various options, such as the 128-bit vector floating-point unit. It has a powerful 2-, 4- and 8-way SIMD enhanced instruction set. SuperH also has cores that include the usual embedded peripherals, like serial ports and timers.

PowerPC cores are also available for custom chip designs. As with most standardized architectures, designers will have a host of design and development tools at their fingertips that work with the processor.

Another area where 64-bit processors and processor cores show up is in the DSP arena. For example, Texas Instruments’ C64x handles 64-bit data and executes eight 32-bit instructions per cycle. DSP architectures tend to be significantly different than the 64-bit general-purpose processors examined in the main article, but they are equally important in embedded designs.

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