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Hot Product: ZeBu Hardware-Verification System

Earlier this year, EVE released its ZeBu (or Zero Bugs) hardware-verification system, chiefly designed for intellectual-property (IP) model providers and hardware designers. Its recent companion, ZeBu-IP, is intended to accelerate the software-development cycle for embedded systems. The IP provider can take advantage of the original ZeBu's interactive debugging, comprehensive test environment, and fast execution speed to generate an emulated IP model. Meanwhile, ZeBu-IP gives the IP consumer the speed of emulation with the accuracy of an actual hardware representation of the design. An ideal scenario for ZeBu-IP is when the IP consists of a processing unit executing embedded software, such as a CPU or DSP. In such a situation, the IP consumer is a software developer who, with ZeBu-IP, can validate the software at a speed of several megahertz with an accurate representation of the hardware system. ZeBu-IP costs $29,000 and is shipping now.

Emulation and Verification Engineering (EVE)

TAGS: Digital ICs
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