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IC Delivers Dedicated CD-Based MP3/Windows Media Decoder

Fabricated using 0.18-┬Ám technology and powered by a 32-bit RISC processor and 16-bit DSP, the Koala LS1000 audio CD multi-format decoder is said to be the first IC targeted specifically for use in portable CD/MP3/WMA players, boom boxes, and other CD-based products. Besides the processors, the chip also packs CD loader control, MP3/WMA audio decode, high-end audio special effects, memory, and audio DAC circuitry. Graphics equalizer, spectrum analyzer, 3D virtual surround, and other features are also supported by the 100-pin IC. Samples of Koala cost $10 each. For more details, call Brian Hager at LUXSONOR SEMICONDUCTORS, Fremont, CA. (510) 683-4668, ext. 246.


Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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