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ICs Boost Range And ClarityOf 900-MHz Cordless Phones

To achieve what's said to be the world's best range and clarity for 900-MHz cordless phones, the Everest chipset relies on CLEAREFECT (Enhanced Forward Error Correction Technology) software in combination with advanced frequency-hopping spread spectrum techniques. The six-chip set consists of: two B900 DSPs (a new version of the firm's DSP1609 specifically created for 3.3V operation with additional memory); two CSP1009 four-channel codecs for cordless applications; and two W9009 RF transceiver chips, which are designed specifically for the 900-MHz ISM band. Together, the set offers 200 MIPS of processing power.The highly integrated chipset eliminates the need for a dedicated microcontroller. They use 25 active channels out of a pool of 64 channels with adaptive channel changing for continuous clear-channel communications and sidestepping of interference. Automatic frequency tracking between handset and base station permits the use of a single low-cost crystal on both ends of the link.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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