Electronic Design

Intelligent Sensor Design Using the Microchip dsPIC

By Creed Huddleston<p>ISBN: 0-7506-7755-4

Although Huddleston specifically covers the dsPIC in this book, it is general enough to be used as an introduction on digital sensors for any DSP or DSC platform. Huddleston does get into dsPIC specifics, though he assumes a general understanding of Microchip’s DSC platform. Huddleston does cover some of the non-signal processing aspects of the dsPIC like communication support.

The book has separate chapters for major sensors like temperature, pressure and flow. It does not, however, include movement sensors, which would have complemented the complete coverage of the other sensor types.

I especially liked the fluid mix of theory, schematics, and code used throughout the book. It also goes into sufficient detail on related topics like sensor interface and power supply, which are critical to proper digital/analog system design.

Huddleston doesn’t forget to address programming tool details like the MPLAB integrated development environment, and there’s also discussion of the firmware framework and FIR filter design tool.

If you plan on using the dsPIC, you’ll likely be pulling this one off the shelf for reference.

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