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IP Cores Target Error Detection And Correction Applications

Two new intellectual property (IP) cores--the Reed-Solomon Encoder/Decoder and a Symbol Interleaver/Deinterleaver--added to the firm's DSP offerings are for use in error detection and correction systems. The cores are suited for use in mobile and satellite communications, digital video and audio broadcast, data storage and retrieval systems, and more. The functions are supported by both the firm's MAX+PLUS II and Quartus development systems, which provide designers with a complete design automation solution, including design entry, synthesis, place-and-route, simulation, timing analysis, and device programming. The Reed-Solomon Encoder/Decoder megafunction is used for performing error detection and correction functions in the above application areas. The Symbol Interleaver/Deinterleaver MegaCore function operates in the same frequency ranges used by Reed-Solomon encoders/decoders and supports continuous and discrete modes, making it compatible with the Reed-Solomon core.


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