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JIT Speeds Simulation

Many embedded systems can be designed and implemented without writing a line of C code using model-oriented development tools. One of these tools, Release 13 of the Mathworks' namesake product family, now includes MatLab 6.5 and Simulink 5.0.

MatLab's new just-in-time (JIT) compiler acceleration lets simulations run as fast as the final deployed system. Scalar arithmetic operations show the most improvement. MatLab Builders for COM and Excell improve Windows support. Also, MatLab is integrated with Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio for DSP development.

Release 13 incorporates a number of other new products and enhancements, including Macintosh support. Additionally, Mathworks users can design, test, and deploy a wide range of systems. Release 13 adds mechanical systems to this list with its SimMechanics and SimPowerSystems tools. This makes Simulink ideal for multidomain simulations.

Simulink 5.0 generates code for embedded systems. The latest targets include Motorola's MPC555 and TI's C6000. The already tight integration with the Mathworks xPC TargetBox (see "Fast Prototyping Without The Mess," Aug. 5, p. 65) is enhanced with model-based calibration. The calibration tools can be used with any deployed system.

Mathworks is available on a range of platforms, from the Macintosh to Linux. MatLab on a PC starts at $1900/user. Simulink on a PC starts at $2800/user.

The Mathworks Inc., www.mathworks.com; (510) 494-2090.

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