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Library Integrates SystemView With MATLAB To Assist DSP & Wireless Designers

A new library integrates the firm's SystemView system-level design tool with MATLAB, allowing designers of digital signal processing and wireless communication applications to benefit from being able to easily incorporate algorithms developed in MATLAB into SystemView simulations of complete systems. The algorithms may include custom functions developed by designers, or standard functions available from the many existing MATLAB and third-party libraries. The library also enables designers to execute MATLAB M- and MEX-files as part of SystemView simulations and to import and export data between the two tools. SystemView provides a set of special MATLAB tokens to interface to MATLAB functions via the standard API. The tokens are also capable of interacting with any MATLAB function and may be configured to act as data sources and sinks or as executable blocks-the data sinks and sources allow data to be freely exchanged between the two products for the purpose of analysis or signal generation.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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