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Load Switches Posture For Portable Products

Seeking applications in portable products, the IntelliMAX FPF200x series low-power load switches combine protection, control, and fault monitoring features in a lead-free SC-70 package. The switches operate with input voltages from 1.8V to 5.5V, accommodating battery voltages that can dip as low as 1.8V. Each of the eight switches in the series, FPF2000/1/2/3/4/5/6/7, replaces multiple active and passive components common to traditional analog IC control functions and MOSFET power switch topologies. Shared features include controlled turn on, current limiting with 50 mA or 100 mA options, under-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown, a flag for fault conditions with options for fault blanking, auto-restart functions, and 4 kV of ESD protection. Additionally, the switches specify a shutdown current of less than 1 mA and a current-limit response time of 3 ms for nominal over-current conditions and 20 ns for dead-short conditions. Price is $0.57 each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., South Portland, ME. (800) 341-0392.


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