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Load Switches Support Low Input Voltages

Helping to drive down current consumption, the AAT4280A family of load switches employs slew-rate control and can support input voltages as low as 1.5V and up to 5.5V. The devices combine a P-channel MOSFET with logic-level input and level-shifting features to eliminate multiple external components. With a moderate turn-on slew rate, the AAT4280A-1 reduces in-rush current when the MOSFET is on. The AAT4280A-2 serves as a high-speed switch with a typical turn-on time of 500 ns. It does not include turn-on, slew-rate control or output discharge features. The AAT4280A-3 adds a minimized slew-rate, limited turn-on function and a shutdown output discharge circuit to turn off a load when the switch is disabled. Shared features include a typical on resistance of 80 mO at 5V and a quiescent current of 25 nA. In 8-pin SC70JW packages, price for each version is $0.49 each/1,000. ADVANCED ANALOGIC TECHNOLOGIES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 737-4600.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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