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Local Bus PCI-Based Emulator Targets SHARC DSPs

Designed for CE compliance, Summit-ICE is said to be the first Local Bus PCI-based emulator to support Analog Devices' SHARC family of digital signal processors (DSPs). The emulator provides a shielded 3V/5V JTAG pod and cable for non-intrusive interfacing to any of Analog Devices' ADSP-2106x SHARC or other JTAG DSPs. The combination of PCI-based emulator and VisualDSP environment, together with the emulator's ease of connection configuration and use, are designed to significantly accelerate JTAG DSP development work.Summit-ICE comes packaged with a Local Bus PCI emulator card, remote JTAG emulator pod with a 5-foot cable assembly, software driver support for Windows 95 and NT, software configuration utility, and documentation. The emulator also is supported by the firm's Vista-ICE debugger.

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