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Low-Cost Digital Audio Equalizer Automatically Adjusts Conference Calls

Using a sophisticated DSP-based approach, the OctiVox Clear Call module corrects the audio level on all incoming calls in an office conference-call setup, no matter how many parties are on the line. This low-cost 6- by 4-in. unit from Octiv Inc. automatically adjusts the loudness of each individual caller to an optimal level so that everyone can be heard, loud and clear.

Compatible with most conference phones and speakerphones, the device corrects audio volume for callers up to 32 feet from the microphone (24-dB difference). Its multiband dynamics processing samples thousands of times a second to provide professional-strength volume matching and clarity for all incoming calls. Based on testing by Dynastat, the user-satisfaction mean opinion score (MOS) has gone from 4.0 to 4.38. (In the MOS scale, 1 is bad, 4 is good, and 5 is excellent.)

Multiple automatic gain controls (AGCs) loudness-correct each incoming caller's voice and then separate them into three bands of audio (low, mid, and high) to optimize each person's spectral balance. Peaks are controlled and unwanted hiss and noise are reduced, all in real time, within microseconds.

The full-duplex unit plugs into the wall jack and accepts the plug from your analog phone (RJ11 jack). Suggested retail price is $249. For availability, go to www.hellodirect.com.

Octiv Inc.
www.octiv.com (510) 280-5000

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