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Low-Power Multimedia Engine Makes Portables Purr

Ever-more demanding audio, video, and image applications in portable systems—including H.264 encoding and decoding at VGA resolution with 30 frames/s—can look to the CEVA-X 1200 low-power core for answers.

Developed by CEVA Inc., the mobile media processor combines algorithmic accelerators that use pattern-recognition techniques, more than 30 dedicated multimedia DSP instructions, and a high-performance 3D DMA coprocessor designed for multimedia parallel processing (single-instruction/multiple-data operations). With the mix of dedicated resources, the mobile-media processor can handle H.264 decoding at VGA resolution (including audio processing) while consuming just 44 mW at 61 MHz.

For applications that don't require multimedia processing, CEVA also developed the CEVA-X 1100, a low-cost DSP platform targeted at wireless and general-purpose applications. Both systems are supported by software development libraries and a Mobile-Media development environment that includes an adaptive compiler technology and an "ecosystem" of over 30 third-party partners.

Contact the company for information about licensing terms.

Barry Nolan, (408) 514-2900

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