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Low-Voltage Supervisor Mates With Cutting-Edge CPUs

Tooling up for lower-voltage processors, DSPs, SOCs, memories and ASICs, the MIC2775 power supply supervisor provides under-voltage monitoring, manual reset capability, and power-on reset generation in a five-pin SOT package. The device features an under-voltage detector, a delay generator, a manual reset input, and both active-high and active-low reset outputs. The under-voltage detector compares Vdd against a fixed threshold and 10 factory-programmed thresholds are available. Hysteresis is included to prevent chattering due to noise and typical supply current is a low 3.5 µA. Other features include active-high and active-low reset outputs, /RST output valid down to 1.2V, brief input transient rejection, no external components, and the device is a pin-compatible upgrade for the MAX825. Price is $0.78 each/1,000.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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