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MCUs Rescue Cost-Critical Designs

The XC167CI-16F40F and XC164CS-8F40F microcontrollers (MCUs) are said to balance performance and total cost in automotive and industrial drives and control systems. They provide support for the company’s embedded flash program memory and the application-specific peripherals needed for motor and transmission controls, electrical motor drives, robotics, and industrial networking. Both devices are based on the C166 S V2 core with a 25-ns instruction time at 40 MHz. They employ TwinCAN with full CAN 2.0 B with two communication lines for autonomous communication with gateway functionality and a CAPCOM6 module dedicated to PWM generation. Other features include DSP support with a built-in advanced MAC and an on-chip debug system. The XC167CI-16F40F includes an I2C interface and 128 KB of flash and XC164CS-8F40F includes 64 KB of flash or ROM. Available in TQFPs, the XC167CI-16F40F has 144 pins and XC164CS-8F40F has 100 pins. For more details, call Matt Schmidt at INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (408) 501-6390 ext 2424.


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