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Microstep Drive Adds Five New Functions

The Impulse microstepping drive uses a digital-signal processor (DSP) and features five new motor control functions: open loop stall detect (OLSD) for detecting a motor stall without an encoder or resolver; multi-stepping for low-resolution step input; and dynamic smoothing for rounding the edges of the move profile. In addition, Xtreme Smoothness eliminates the motorÕs natural resonance speeds, and a motion-node option provides additional move capabilities.The drive powers frame size 23 and 34 stepping motors via its 4A of current, and features an anti-resonance capability of 7.2û and a programmable input resolution from 200-100,000 steps/revolution. INDUSTRIAL DEVICES CORP., Petaluma, CA. (800) 747-0064.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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