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MIDI/MP3 Decoders Support Portable Multimedia Devices

Primed for the portable multimedia device markets, the MAS 35x5G MIDI and MP3 decoder/encoder family is based on the company’s MAS DSP platform and provides wavetable-based MIDI synthesis and MP3 decoding capabilities in a miniature 40-pin BGA package. The MAS 3505G supports MIDI and ADPCM and the MAS 3515G supports MIDI, ADPCM and MP3. The ICs can produce up to 40 voices of MIDI audio for a variety of multimedia applications. Operational features include a minimum supply voltage of 2.7V, an I/O voltage range down to 1.8V, and integrated power management and power-down functions. Main function blocks consist of a MIDI synthesizer, compressed audio and speech decoder, a 20-bit DSP RISC core supported by serial and parallel data interfaces and an integrated PLL, and on-chip RAM and ROM. Price is between $3.90 to $ 4.50 each in high volumes. MICRONAS SEMICONDUCTORS, INC San Diego, CA. (619) 683-5500.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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