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Mixed-Signal MCUs Enter Embedded DAQ Market

Poised for a variety of embedded applications, the Versa Mix 8051 (VMX51C1xxx) family of mixed-signal microcontrollers employs an 8051 core with DSP capabilities. The devices integrate a comprehensive set of on-chip peripherals to form a complete data acquisition (DAQ) system on chip. Features include an enhanced MULT/ACCU unit with 32-bit barrel shifter, 56 KB of flash memory, and 1,280 bytes of RAM. Peripherals include up to 28 general purpose I/Os, three timer/counters, an SPI, two UARTs, plus I2C and RS-485/-422/J1708 interfaces. The devices operate at 5V and are available in QFP-64 (VMX51C1020) and QFP-44 (VMX51C1016) packages. Targeting control applications that require signal conditioning, the VMX51C1020 also provides an array of analog peripherals such as a programmable current source, two digital potentiometers, an analog switch, and an uncommitted operational amplifier. Prices range from $0.80 to $5 each/10,000. RAMTRON INTERNATIONAL CORP., Colorado Springs, CO. (800) 545-3726.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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