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Module Provides RF Internet Connectivity

For devices that do not have direct access to a telephone line, Ethernet, or a GSM/GPRS network, the SmartStack for RF is designed to connect said devices to the Internet over short-range radio networks. The product employs Analog Devices's ADSP-2187L DSP and provides a RF link operating in the ISM band with an approximate range of 20m indoors and 100m outdoors. Operation is reported as being based on two parts: an individual node installed on each device and a gateway that is connected to a standard telephone line. Each node has a unique and fixed identifier or address, with a proprietary protocol controlling the exchange of data on the link between each node and the gateway. For further information and pricing, call EDEVICE, New York, NY. (718) 797-3500.

Company: EDEVICE

Product URL: Click here for more information

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