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Motion-Control Device Squeezes Three Half-Bridges Into A DIP09 Package

As the newest member of the Easy Bridge (EB) product family, the EB04 fits three half-bridges into a single DIP09 package. Using one EB in conjunction with a single DSP device, designers can obtain controlled outputs for brushless dc motors, steppers, ac motors, and three-phase power generation. The 50-V EB04 is optimized for 48-V brushless motors and is compatible with pulse-width modulation (PWM) frequencies up to 25 kHz. It features an output current of 5 A continuous with a 10-A peak. All EB models are housed in a 24-pin flat-back plastic DIP package with an undermount heat tab. For 100-unit quantities, the device costs $32.20.

Apex Microtechnology
www.apexmicrotech.com; (520) 690-8600

TAGS: Digital ICs
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