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Motion Controller Provides Precise Velocity Control

Integrating a precision velocity loop, the MC73110 single-axis motion-control IC is designed to manage brushless dc motors. It operates in internal velocity profile mode, velocity mode with an external velocity command signal, or torque mode with an external torque command. The IC relies on velocity feedback from either an encoder or analog tachometer signal. A velocity scalar term paired with an averaging velocity estimator allows for precision velocity control of motor speed and acceleration across a wide range of profiles. When teamed with a velocity integrator loop, the chip can also provide position loop control characteristics. In addition to velocity loop, it performs all other functions including PID current loop compensation, trajectory generation, commutation, encoder input, and Hall sensor input. Other features include six-step and sinusoidal commutation, analog or digital command input, profile generation, and six-signal symmetric PWM generation. Available in a 64-pin TQFP, price starts at $18 each in OEM quantities. PERFORMANCE MOTION DEVICES INC., Lincoln, MA. (781) 674-9860.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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