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Electronic Design

Move To 90 nm Cuts DSP Cost And Power Requirements

Analog Devices' Blackfin line has been extremely popular in portable and multimedia environments. Analog's move to 90 nm for its ADSP-BF52x line raises the performance bar to 600 MHz while cutting power requirements. Running at 250 MHz, the low-end core power requirements are 0.16 mW/MHz.

The low end of the line gains USB support while the entire family supports Analog's Lockbox security, which includes a 64-kbit one-time-programming (OTP) area that can be used to store secure keys. These keys are used in conjunction with other security features to control code and data. The range of peripheral interfaces, including 10/100 Ethernet and NAND flash controller, allows the chip to be used in a range of applications from VoIP phones to network cameras and mobile digital TV receivers. Pricing starts at $5.50.

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