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Multi-Processor DSP RTOS Takes Little Memory Space

Including a four-layer, microkernel-based, real-time operating system that’s optimized for DSP and ASIC cores, theVirtuoso 4.1 integrated development environment for embedded systems requires just 2 kwords to 10 kwords of memory. Also included is a suite of project management and development tools.Within the tool suite is a project manager, a kernel-optimizing system generation tool, and graphical analysis and debugging tools for DSPs. The suite’s real-time tracing monitor and real-time, task-level debugger provide accurate and complete information in an interactive GUI with regard to scheduling behavior, logical design problems, over- and under-loads, and resource allocation. Virtuoso supports cores, discrete DSPs and µPs from Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, and ARM as well as Infineon’s Carmel.

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