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Multi-Rate Data Pump Fits Many xDSL Uses

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Offering increased flexibility for IP, ATM, and voice as well as better performance in reach, the Enhanced MDSL Data Pump chipset consists of the SK70725 DSP component and the firm's SK70721 analog front-end device. The chipset is a variable-rate transceiver that provides symmetric full-duplex communications on one twisted-wire pair using a 2B1Q line code with echo cancellation. The SK70725 has all the DSP required for A/D conversion, echo cancellation, data scrambling and adaptive equalization as well as transceiver activation state-machine control. The SK70721 includes D/A and A/D converters, filters, and transmit line drivers. This chipset supports data rates from 272 to 1168 kbps.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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