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New Broadband Engines Let Voice And Data Ride Securely To CPE

Secure Internet access for Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) over xDSL, cable or wireless connection is said to be provided by the DV2000 Broadband Engine, a highly integrated device that for the first time manages to pack on-chip circuitry for data networking, voice processing, and operational security. This combination of capabilities makes the IC a strong candidate for use in emerging Voice-over-Broadband (VoB) applications.The DV2000 integrates on-chip: two general-purpose, fully programmable, 80-MHz processors for control, protocol and network processing and for executing the MIPS-I instruction set (except, that is, for its unaligned load-and-store instructions); a Voice DSP for supporting up to eight voice channels; an integrated IPSec Engine for wire-speed VPN applications; and a FlexibleWAN Engine for supporting connectivity to DSL, cable and wireless transceivers. A second chip, the D2000, is also available for OEMs wanting the data and security features, but not those for voice operation. While the DV2000 targets the small-business and SOHO markets, the D2000 is well-suited for data-only CPE for residential customers. The two chips represent the first members of the companyÕs Gateway-on-a-chip family.Complementing the two chips are an extensive software suite and a development kit. Providing an out-of-the-box starting point for developing broadband CPE equipment, Core Software v1.1 includes platform, network management, call processing and system services software, as well as applicable device drivers. The DV2000 and D2000 Broadband Engines are fabed using a 0.25-µm process and are priced at $35 and $25 each, respectively; the development kit costs $60,000. For more details, contact Jeremy Story at ISHONI NETWORKS, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 350-5870.


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