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New ColdFire Processor Optimized For Audio Apps

Representing the first product in a new family of audio processors based on the 32-bit ColdFire architecture, the MCF5249 has a performance rating of 125 Dhrystone/2.1 MIPS at 140 MHz and includes on-chip 96 KB of SRAM, 8 KB of instruction cache, as well as a number of integrated peripherals. Other MCF5249 features include two independent UARTs, two 16-bit timers, a PLL clock, software watchdog timer, general-purpose I/O lines, I_C interface, Queued Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI), and internal 4-channel direct memory access (DMA). In addition, a glueless interface--standard on all ColdFire parts--make it easier to interface the processor to other external peripherals and memory without using additional glue components. And the chip's enhanced multiply-accumulate (eMAC) unit provides DSP functionality like fast math and signal processing capabilities for audio and other applications--while optimized for audio applications, the new ColdFire processor can also be used in industrial control and security/biometrics products. Audio-specific features of the MCF5249 include: serial audio ports compatible with Philips I2S/Sony EIAJ formats; CD ROM block decoder/encoder; SPDIF/EBU transmitter/receiver; and more. Samples are available, with volume production expected to start in Q3. Price: $10.30 each/10K. For more details, contact MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTOR PRODUCTS SECTOR, Tempe, AZ. (512) 933-7753.


Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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