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New DSP Opens Door To IDAs For DSP56300 Family

Representing a migration of the popular 24-bit DSP56307 to HiP4 technology, the DSP56L307 digital signal processor (DSP) offers performance of 290 DSP MIPS-the DSP56307, a member of the DSP56300 family of DSPs, is widely used in multi-channel networking communications applications ranging from packet telephony to wireless digital cellular base stations. The higher performance, pin-compatible 56L307 allows customers to add features to existing products or reduce their cost per channel. The DSP56L307 operates at 160 MHz at 1.8V and features 64K words of on-chip memory. Its 160 MHz on-chip enhanced filter co-processor (EFCOP) allows filter algorithms to be processed in parallel with core operations. The EFCOP provides an extra performance boost in applications such as echo cancellation, and optimizes voice quality without sacrificing channel-processing performance. Four DSP56L307s, with 80% utilization of the EFCOP, produce 1160 MACS. Five memory switch options in this flexible device help designers scale the program and data to optimize their system performance. The DSP56L307 is priced at $26.50 each/10,000.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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