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New IP Core Serves As Key Building Block In Bluetooth ICs

Three companies—picoTurbo, NewLogic and Chip Express—have jointly developed picoBOOST, a Bluetooth IP core designed to allow Bluetooth functionality to be added to SOCs or ASICs quickly and easily, as both the necessary hardware and software come pre-configured and pre-tested. Currently, the core is being tapped as a turnkey building block in a Chip Express fast-turnaround-time ASIC (prototypes can be delivered in just three days). The new device also launches the company's Microsystem-on-Chip line, which, in addition to Bluetooth, will eventually also include USB 2.0, PCI-X, InfiniBand, and Fibre Channel physical interfaces.
The picoBOOST core integrates the NewLogic BOOST IP core with the picoTurbo pT-100 microprocessor IP core. The result is a total, hardware/software Bluetooth baseband processor. The picoBOOST core is available now for licensing as soft IP from both picoTurbo and NewLogic. The first hard implementation, namely Chip Express's ASIC, is scheduled to reach the market in Q1 2001. The hard macro will become a turnkey building block for customers that must have prototypes fast and a smooth migration to high-volume production.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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