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New Products: More Digital ICs /DSP

8-Mbit Flash Memory Speeds On By With Little Power Draw
The latest AM29SL flash memory delivers access times of just 90 ns and single-word write times of 7 ms. The 8-Mbit AM29SL800D is a good match for Bluetooth and other mobile applications, since it can run from a 1.8-V supply yet draw just 5 mA during read operations. On standby, the chip draws as little as 200 nA, minimizing battery drain during inactive periods. The memory is available in a space-saving FBGA package as small as 6 by 8 mm. Providing up to 1 million write-erase cycles, the flash memory also offers 20 years of data retention at 125oC. Samples are immediately available. In 10,000-unit lots, it costs $1.30 each.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
(408) 749-4000

Serial Flash Memories Target Data And Parameter Storage
Thanks to an enhanced version of the popular serial peripheral interface (SPI), the M45PExx family of high-speed, low-voltage serial flash memories can transfer data at rates of up to 25 MHz. The first family member, the M45PE80, packs 8 Mbits. It’s organized in a fine-grain architecture with 256-byte pages. Each page can be individually erased and programmed. It takes 12 ms to write a 256-byte page, 2 ms to program it, and 10 ms to erase it. Able to operate from a 2.7- to 3.6-V power supply, the chip’s deep power-down mode reduces the current drain to just 1 mA. Minimum data retention is 20 years. Read-write endurance is 100,000 cycles. In lots of 10,000 units, the M45PE80 costs $2.50 each.

STMicroelectronics Inc.
(781) 861-2650

Cross-Connect Switch Grooms Up To 240 Gbits/s Of Sonet/SDH Traffic
The TSE240 cross-connect fabric chip integrates 96 ports, each capable of handling 2.5 Gbits/s of data traffic. The circuit also reduces the software overhead of automatic protection switching thanks to its innovative message assisted protection switching (MAPS) technology. Ideal for Metro Sonet/SDH systems, Ethernet-over-Sonet/SDH mappers, and VT/TU pointer processors, the cross-connect chip is 100% nonblocking. The MAPS hardware on the chip enhances network reliability by handling failure recovery. The PM5377 TSE240 is housed in a 35- by 35-mm 1152-contact FCBGA package. It costs $1375 each in lots of 1000 units. Samples will be available this quarter.

PMC-Sierra Inc.
(604) 415-6000

64-Bit RISC CPUs Run At 400 MHz Yet Consume Just 600 mW
A pair of 64-bit MIPS-based microprocessors, the TMPR4955CFG-400 and TMPR4956CSBG-400, extends the TX49 RISC processor family. Based on 90-nm design rules, the chips can operate at clock speeds of up to 400 MHz. When running at top speed, the chips keep power to a minimum, consuming just 600 mW. Both chips are architecturally the same, but the ’4955CFG has a 32-bit system bus interface, while the ’4956CXB uses a 64-bit interface for higher-bandwidth applications. Both CPUs pack four-way set-associative 32-kbyte instruction and data caches, a floating-point unit, and dedicated debug support. Samples will be available next month. In 100-unit lots, the 32- and 64-bit bus versions will cost $35 and $45, respectively.

Toshiba America Electronic Components
[email protected]

Reference Kit Lets Designers Check Out Progressive Scan TVs
This system reference design kit for the Nexperia PNX300x targets digital one-chip high-end analog/digital broadcast TV systems. The kit gives TV set makers all the hardware and software they need to immediately start implementing a TV set. The chip supports high-end features such as 100-Hz progressive scan, electronic program guides, picture enhancements, and multichannel sound processing. The Nexperia processor combines a 54-MHz MIPS processor and dedicated blocks of intellectual property to deliver an optimized solution. Customers can then develop their own user interface using high-level languages such as XML. A CD-ROM in the kit contains product-quality reference application software and a complete software development environment for modifying the supplied reference application software. Immediately available, the kit costs about 35,000 Euros.

Philips Semiconductors
(800) 234-7381

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