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One-Chip Solution Supports Multimedia-Rich Handsets

Leveraging the DRP technology of the "LoCosto" value platform and the multimedia capabilities of the OMAP-Vox platform in the OMAPV1030, Texas Instruments has announced a new OMAP-Vox single-chip solution aimed at fostering development of lower-cost multimedia-rich feature phones. Codenamed "eCosto," the new platform's first product will be the OMAPV1035, which will be manufactured in a 65-nm process and support the GSM, GPRS, and EDGE standards. The DRP technology applies digital techniques to simplify RF processing in an advanced CMOS process. The OMAPV1030 and the new OMAPV1035 share a common software platform, so OMAP-Vox customers will be able to reuse their application and modem software investments for faster, more cost-effective product development.

The "eCosto" platform's multimedia-rich capabilities include advanced video capture, playback, and streaming with up to QVGA screen quality at 30 frames per second; digital still camera up to 3 Mpixels with subsecond shot-to-shot delay; color LCD; and interactive 2D/3D gaming with graphics comparable to that of portable video consoles. The OMAPV1035 solution boasts high-speed hardware-accelerated Java and 3D graphic processing up to 100k polygons per second. The device is the industry's first ARM9, fully integrated, single-chip digital baseband with DSP in 65 nm, and as such it addresses the power challenge for performance-hungry multimedia-intensive applications, as well as the requirement for smaller solutions with more functionality.


The OMAPV1035 will sample in the first half of 2007 and will be in production in 2008.


Contact the company for pricing information.


Visit www.ti.com/omapv1035.

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