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PC-Based Instrument Is Said To Revolutionize EMI Testing

The recording and isolation of equipment-under-test (EUT) signals without the need for anechoic chambers in EMI testing operations are said to be made possible by CASSPER, a modular and portable PC-based instrumentation system. The system is said to deliver true cancellation of ambient EMI sources, thereby removing the guesswork in identifying the EUT's signals. And the system's coherence measurement feature allows engineers to identify and locate sources of EMI noise, including multiple sources of the same frequency.The revolutionary system is expected to make ambient cancellation and source localization a practical investment for the lab and production floor. CASSPER's cost and test time are said to be less than half that of current systems. Developed by CASSPER Instrumentation Systems, the system consists of a 2-channel receiver and a PC with a special DSP card.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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