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PCI Bridge Chip Connects Multiple DSPs To PCI Bus Without Logic

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Claimed as the industry's first PCI-to-DSP bridge device to connect multiple digital signal processors to the PCI bus with no additional glue logic, the PCI2040 interfaces the PCI bus to the host port interface for up to four TI TMS320C54x and/or TMS320C62x DSPs. Rather than implementing an FPGA or an ASIC, the device provides a high-speed, high-bandwidth data transmission path between the PCI local bus and a DSP subsystem, simplifying the system designer's tasks and bringing DSP designs to market faster.In many applications, such as data acquisition, test and measurement, industrial controls and other data processing applications, multiple DSPs are implemented to offload certain processing responsibilities from the general-purpose CPU. This frees the host CPU to perform the administrative duties it is best-suited for while the high-speed processing capabilities of DSPs are applied to intense data processing tasks.The PCI2040 is fully compliant to the latest PCI Local Bus Specification 2.2, as well as to the CompactPCI Hot Swap specification., allowing the chip to be used in a variety of embedded systems. Suited for mobile and power-sensitive applications, the device reduces power consumption with its low-power 3.3V core logic, yet can be used with legacy systems since it is PCI compliant with 3.3V or 5V signaling requirements.The serial interface to ROM eases configuring the device by enabling automatic loading of important information such as subsystem ID and subsystem vendor ID. The chip is available in a choice of SMT packages.

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