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PCI Card Provides Intelligent RS-232 Communications

The PCI-1625U 8-port, intelligent RS-232 universal PCI communication card is essentially a self-contained computer supporting a DSP for relieving the processing load from the host PC. The card hosts 1 MB of SRAM and downloads the driver software into the DSP. Its universal PCI connector is compatible with both 3.3V PCI and the traditional 5V PCI busses. A utility program, ICOM Tools, comes with the card. The program tests PCI card performance by analyzing port status, and menu commands teaming with toolbar buttons perform like a PC-based oscilloscope, allowing users to set trigger conditions, capture data, and monitor signal status. Price starts at $225 each. ADVANTECH CORP., Cincinnati, OH. (800) 205-7940.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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