Electronic Design

A PoE Grab-Bag

The Ethernet-powered products in Figure 1 were developed by:

(a) Screenplay Communications Ltd. in the U.K. makes gondolaPlay to grab the attention of noisy shoppers.

(b) DSP Designs, also in the U.K., is responsible for the POET 6000 PoE-powered PC.

(c) Inova Display Systems offers the OnTime SNTP-controlled PoE digital clock.

(d) Applied Wireless ID makes the Sentinel-Sense MPR-2010AN RFID tag reader.

(e) Manvish eTech pvt ltd in India takes a skeptical approach to employee timekeeping with its miFAUN combination RFID-tag/fingerprint authenticator.

(f) Axis Communications in Sweden created the AXIS 211 surveillance camera, which delivers Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams simultaneously.

(g) MacWireless designed the AirPort Extreme wireless access point for Macintosh users.

(h) From TechWare Information Technology in Taiwan comes a PoE-powered RS-232/422/485-to-Ethernet Interface.

(i) IP network-test company IXIA developed the load module for PD emulation. Each of its four ports can simulate a range of valid or invalid signatures during detection, classification, or maintenance of power.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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