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POL DC-DC Converters Operate With 94.5% Efficiency

Murata Power Solutions has launched the second phase of its Okami range of non-isolated single point-of-load (POL) dc-dc converters. The new SIP 10-A and 16-A output current models provide designers of equipment requiring high-efficiency POL power with an even greater choice of compact and reliable modules, according to the company. The four 10-A models and four 16-A models come with positive or negative on/off polarity and an optional sequence/track feature to control startup time requirements. They can act as drop-in replacements for other DOSA-compliant parts or be used in space-constrained designs that require high-density power solutions and short time-to-market.

Available in industry-standard DOSA SIP packages measuring 2.0 by 0.5 by 0.37 in., the converters have a wide 8.3-V dc to 14-V dc (nominally 12 V dc) input voltage range and a programmable output voltage of 0.75 V dc to 5.5 V dc. Efficiency levels are up to 94.5%, and all of the modules in the range can drive 1000-µF capacitive loads. This makes them ideal for powering the latest generation of FPGAs and DSPs with tight output load regulation requirements, Murata says. Operating temperature ranges from –40°C to 85°C. The converters also include overtemperature and overcurrent protection as well as undervoltage lockout. They comply with the European Union’s Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and meet UL/EN/IEC 60950-1 safety approvals and FCC emissions certifications as well.

Murata Power Solutions Inc.


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