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Power-Packed Hybrid MCU Cuts Overhead

Combining 32-bit digital signal processing and 16-bit MCU instructions makes the Motorola MC56F8300 line a powerful, low-cost alternative to 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) in demanding automotive and industrial environments. The added instructions, a 32-bit multiply/accumulate unit, and wider registers allow the MCU to handle DSP chores like motor control without the overhead of a full 32-bit MCU. The 16-bit instruction set helps reduce memory requirements.

The MC56F8300 line encompasses a number of similar products, with flash memory ranging from 32 to 256 kbytes. They include an integrated FlexCAN module, along with a large number of general-purpose I/O ports.

The extended temperature capabilities enable operation from −40°C to 125°C. On-chip temperature sensors and fault-condition detection reduce chip count while improving reliability. On-chip clock synthesis allows for graceful degradation if the external clock fails. Flash-memory controls prevent unauthorized changes to on-chip memory.

Pricing for the MC56F83xx starts at $8.13 with 32 kbytes of flash memory.

Motorola Inc.

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