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Processor Cores Go Faster, Add Address Space

A pair of synthesizable, software-compatible implementations of industry-standard 8086 and 80186 microprocessor cores--namely, the Turbo86 and Turbo186 cores--can be embedded in any ASIC or FPGA for system-on-chip design. The cores provide a 3x speed-up and a 16x larger address space relative to standard-component implementations of the 8086 and 80186. They were developed for system-on-chip designs that require a high-performance 16-bit processor with a large address space and proven development tools. They are also suited for standard-components users of the 8086, 80186 and real-mode users of the 386 who want to reduce product cost, packaging and power consumption through system-on-chip integration. Both cores operate at over 80 MHz in a 0.35-micron ASIC design and require 22,000 and 30,000 gates respectively. They are licensed on a per-project-basis or on a royalty basis.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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